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The vision of the Corona Light Wide Open is to reinsert the soul,  competitive spirit, and vibe that made beach volleyball a global phenomenon. Our plan is simple: a beach volleyball tour focused on you – The Customer – The Fan – The Community – The Player.  The fun and entertaining stuff of politics and posturing are to be settled on the volleyball court.

We are stoked that our commitment to the beach lifestyle and the authentic presentation of a beach festival have not strayed. We have stuck to the core values which bred athletes like Selznik, Von Hagen, Menges, Smith, Stoklos, Hovland and Dodd, along w/ Gregory, Hanley, Kirby, Reno, Rock and so many more - giving players, fans and sponsors a great synergy of competition and collaboration amongst themselves.

With all of the confusion in the marketplace sometimes going back to the soul of a program is the only way to move forward.  That is what the Corona Light Wide Open has done.  By playing the “Old School” rules in 2010, while the entire domestic pro volleyball industry was in collapse, afforded the Corona Light Wide Open to get back to the basics and create a plan to successfully move into the new era of beach volleyball.

In 2011, the tour will play under international rules, visit all four U.S. coasts, plus a stop in the heartland. Top-rated professionals can compete for over $425,000 in cash.  An ever-growing prize package will be available for the amateur divisions which we anticipate, based on 2010 registration, will be pushing "sold out" status in all markets (as we run out of sand and daylight).

Karch Kiraly and Brian Lewis will be on hand to host and engage everyone, while Luke Van Valin and the legendary Chris "Geeter" McGee serve up the on-stage entertainment in partnership with DJ Shares. Live music will be performed on–site in several markets as well.

At the Corona Light Wide Open, the day is spent competing for a championship, enjoying a festival that runs day into night. . .and a night celebration that sometimes runs into the next day.

See you this summer.